24 February 2011

Tony Has A New Friend

Sorry things have been busy and we haven't been in touch for a while: Last week we came back refreshed and relaxed from our ski holiday in St Anton. Beautiful sun every day, it was more like March than early February. There was an installation from Anthony Gormley: 100 life-size men spread around the whole area. We only spotted about 20 'Gormleys', but some might have been buried in the snow.

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Here's the site with more details:

While we were away Ed and Ossie had a lovely time at a local farm that has an excellent kennel, they always come home tired from their long walks. We didn't think Rosie and Jasper would be too happy in a kennels, so they had a lovely time with our friends. We understand that they were spotted out and about in Consett. We were also happy with them there, since Jasper wasn't very well the week before. We came home one evening, and he was coughing and struggling to breath. The vet found that he had laryngitis and tonsillitis which improved with some antibiotics, but he also has a leaky heart valve. Fortunately this is mild and his heart tablet which helps the heart muscle to pump better and also reduces the strain on the heart, seem to be working well. He is back to his energetic self, playing and chasing his ball round the field. The tablets are also meat flavour, so he thinks he's having a treat. Looking forward to meeting every one at Crufts  Best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah sounds like you really enjoyed your holiday but I bet you still missed those doggie cuddles!! It sounds like the dogs had a lovely time and probably hoping it won’t be to long before you go away again! Great news that Jasper has recovered and feeling well, you must have been a relieved  seeing him playing and chasing a ball.  We will look forward to seeing you at Cruts in a couple of weeks time.   


k9 said...

Cor blimy Tony its a good job you've got them ski's on or you could be like the poor chap next to you with snow upto you're knees from The K9 Marshal Crew

patricia said...

I didnt know doggies could get tonsilitis. looks lovely tony, we have given up skiing since we got the dogs cant put them in kennels. we used to go to mallnitz, cos we used to get a flight for nothing usually with no airport taxes. and the hotel was spectacular, we booked it direct. MISS IT SO MUCH.

ed and rebecca said...

That looks like great fun , art and sport all in one!Glad to hear Jasper's doing better.See you at crufts! x

Sarah and Tony said...

Jasper's never been so energetic. He likes the warmer weather. He was even joining in chasing the others in the field today, usually he lets the others have their own game and he either has a sniff or plays with his ball.