25 February 2011

We Catch Up With Ian The Bedlington Marshall Crew!

P310111_15.23Hello All
Well between long days looking after senior people and walking little Jazz and Sapphire I have just enough time to take 5 minutes out to catch my breath. This weekend is my weekend to work and I'll just have time to walk Jazz and Sapphire.  in between shifts. They can  help me to check on our friend’s birds as he is away working down south.

My job up to now has been an eye opener and yet I'm enjoying it. When I finish and walk through the door at home I get attacked by Jazz and Sapphire. They are so pleased to see me that they wag their tails so much I have to watch that their tails don't drop of., The other day when I went to the office I looked into a shop window and started laughing to myself for I'm a fan of Alexandra the meerkat from the compare the meerkat.com adverts. In the shop window they had 4 meerkat statues of him in different costumes ( I know simples).  I didn't tell Jazz and Sapphire just in case they wanted them!!!, When I get another quiet moment I shall do another report and hopefully see you all at Crufts with Jazz and Sapphire.


Thank you Ian lovely to catch up with you and the dogs, I am so pleased your job is going well and we will look forward to seeing you at Crufts.

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Linda, Misty and Bailey-Jay said...

Glad the job is going well Jazz & Sapphire must miss you terribly when you are out they will be so pleased to see you when you get home
Love Linda, Peter, Misty & Bailey-Jay xx