10 February 2011

We Catch Up With Lucy & Ben

2010 Lucy and Ben

Dear Lesley and all our Bedlington friends and their Mums and Dads. We are so sorry it has been so long since we were in touch. Our mum, Dora has been so busy - here, there and everywhere over the last months.  We miss her when she is away but Andrew is with us and we have lots of fun with him and his girlfriend, Jo.  Then when Mum comes home we get a present and lots of cuddles.
We are sending you a photo of us that Dora got for our Christmas present. A nice man came to the local 'pet food shop';  we queued up with lots of other furry friends then sat on a big white cushion - there was a big flash - then it was all over !  Two weeks later this picture came.  Dora loves it and it has pride of place on the mantelpiece.
Christmas was fun too as we went over to visit Dora's daughter and husband.  They are nice but so are our friends who they live with -  they are Tiny, the rottweiler;  Baldrick, a hairy lurcher;  Paddy who is an alsatian x ? and Teddy who is a Greyhound x ?.  The six of us had lots of lovely gallops in a big wood near by - new smells and interesting holes to explore.  We all get on very well but sometimes the big boys - Paddy and Teddy get over excited as they are only about a year old.  So because I (Lucy) am the senior dog  I have to put them in their place - they are much taller than me but I nip them on their shoulders and they understand.  We have all been rescued and have found good homes.
I know we are late but we wish all our friends a Happy New Year. We are now both a year older as Dora says our birthday is the 1st. February. So I am now 8 years old and Ben is 3 years old and we got a pork pie each which was very tasty. Love to all from Lucy and Ben and Dora 

Thank you Lucy you look very pretty and I must say Ben is the most handsome Bedlington, I just love his ears! Sounds like you had a terrific time over Christmas with lots of walks and  friends to play with! A very happy birthday to you both.  Do hope you can make the fun day this year as I know just how much you and Ben  enjoy meeting your blog friends. Give our love to mum  Dora.
From  Chelsea, Fudge, Diesel, Parker, Asha and all the blog bedies 


ed and rebecca said...

That is a lovely photo of the pair of you! It sounds like you've got some lovely friends to play with.x

tom.chisholm said...

GREAT picture!

Thank you!

Tina W said...

They look lovely-Lucy as pretty as ever and Ben with his distinctive ears-love it!