05 February 2011

We Catch Up With Misty And Bailey-Jay

17th Jan 2011 Misty trim (19)

Bailey-Jay is really growing up fast he is such a little sweetheart he loves to be picked up & cuddled. He is such a tonic for our beautiful Misty who loves him to bits and wo- betide  any dog who dares to set any lip up to Bailey-Jay Misty is so protective. Misty is starting to instigate play now and is becoming less withdrawn. He still misses his special friends but I think is finally starting to believe Bailey-Jay is here for keeps.

Misty is such a beautiful well balanced boy and they are both a credit to Mark & Jan. I'd like to say thank you to Mark & Jan for allowing us the great honour & pleasure of owning and being able to love two such wonderful boys. I have had a lot of upset these last 2 years losing my beautiful Chance & Jasper and illness with Peter & my parents and it is so uplifting to have 2 lovely souls to pick me up when things get tough.  Lots of love Linda, Peter, Misty & Bailey-Jay xx

Thank you Linda it is lovely to catch up with the boys, all I can say laughter is the best medicine and it has certainly worked for you and a sad  Misty who now wants to play!  Keep smiling and enjoy your very special boys!   


ed and rebecca said...

Glad the boys are getting on so well. They look lovely in the photo.

k9 said...

HI Linda
The boys look great in the picture, right little posers and remember Love is..... a loverly Bedlington Terrier our in you're case and ours love is .... Two loverly, playfull Bedlington Terriers lol Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups aka The K9 Marshal Crew