09 February 2011

Wednesday’s Welsh News From Enid

Good morning, Bloggers,
We had really high winds last week and Hefin had to baton down the felting on our shed. The dogs could hardly walk and kept sitting down not to be blown over. Thankfully, Tuesday was glorious and my snowdrops have come into flower. I expect yours have been and gone but we are 1000 ft. above sea level so everything is later. I always feel that when the snowdrops come, spring is just around the corner.

Congratulations to all the Bedlingtons flying the flag for our breed across the country. It's good to see them doing so well. Ken Bounden has had his trip to Luxor cancelled because of the terrible situation in Egypt. He is hoping to go to Nepal later on.
Maureen is still in hospital. Madeline came from Swansea and visited the same time as me last week. Tina and Sandra came by train on Tuesday. The care she is getting is fantastic. Little Alma goes every day and blows kisses and says "Hi, Nanna". It always brings a smile to Maureen's face .Bye for now, Enid

Thank you Enid, it is great being able to keep up to date with the latest Bedlington Open Show results. The breed is certainly having   success up and down the country! I think there are at least  three open shows this weekend with classes.
It is lovely for Maureen  having close friends and family visit.  Seeing little Alma everyday must cheer her up and help take her mind away  from being  ill and  in a hospital.  Our Love goes out to her and the family.


J&T said...

Sorry to hear Ken won,t be able to visit Egypt. The Temples of Karnak & Luxor are amazing and the Valley of the Kings and Queens are just jaw dropping! Trevor and I liked the Egyptian people very much and hope their struggle comes to a speedy and beneficial conclusion.
Jane xxx

ed and rebecca said...

What a sight to see snowdrops.