20 February 2011

Yellow Gloss Paint For Tea!

Hello everyone!

deck dogs 2

FINALLY the wallpaper is off of the wall in the bedroom. I had it on so good, that I had to fix damage to the wall that it caused pulling it off. Had a chance to start to paint a bit & then Friday evening Storey vomited......yellow, semi-gloss acrylic paint!! Right on my carpet!! In a fit of cleaning up paint on the carpet, paint on her muzzle (apparently she had he muzzle in the paint bucket) & calling the vet, it was a bit hectic!! Thank goodness my vet specializes in toxicology.....he told me to give her milk to dilute the paint & if she kept the milk down I could feed her supper. He said the paint ingestion would cause gastric upset, so I kept her in the crate. The milk stayed down, so a couple hours later I fed her supper.....stayed down. She acted fine, no distress what so ever. She never did vomit again, never had any loose poohs and carried on as if nothing had happened. How she got to the paint I have no idea, because the door was closed to keep the cat out....I guess maybe one time I didn't pull it shut tight and "someone" pushed it open and gained access. I swear this dog has a cast iron stomach!! Chris said, when he saw it was Storey, he knew she would be fine.....she scared the dickens out of me though! So..when I start to paint today, the paint can WILL NOT BE on the floor.....A side from that, we have had a quiet week...the weather warmed enough to move plants back outdoor and the girls helped dig a huge dead rosemary bush out of the garden...the yard is drying up and the grass is starting to grow....we are SO ready for this!! I will be going off island, for a work related event with Chris (his work) and Rebecca will be tending the girls....I am not near a anxious about leaving them as I was the last time....it is only for 1 night, so I think I will be fine. The girls will have a blast because the get to get TONS of pets AND they get on the sofa! That is a special treat for them since I got the new sofa & there is room for all 5 of them plus 2 people & still tons of room for the cat! That is it from my side of the pond. Think spring!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Goodness Tricia I can’t imagine any dog liking the taste of acrylic paint. You would think the strong smell would put them off. Luckily no damage, but you must have been so worried with the thought of paint sticking to the stomach walls!!  Enjoy your night away as the girls will be fine and  enjoy the freedom of rolling around on the new sofa and doing things that are not allowed when mum is home! Not very spring like for us but at least dry for our agility class today. 

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billy666 said...

yes Trish the dogs will have a blast.
....while the cats away.....