18 March 2011

Ben Has A Double




I think we have a relative of the Lovely Ben, who I have noticed a few times on the blog. Those ears are quite distinctive!!

This is Finlay, he's 7 months old and of course is full of mischief!! He's so calm when he's at home, but as soon as he gets outside he goes mad, and has quite a voice on him as well!! We all love him though :)  I have attached a few pictures. The first, was when he came home with us at 8 weeks old. The other two were taken recently, after he was groomed. His ears do make us laugh!! Charlotte & Finlay

Thank you Charlotte  for the photos and introducing us to Finlay. Finlay sound like a very happy fun loving boy!  Do hope you are able to come to the Bedlington Fun Day on the 16th July Nr Banbury as Finlay will be able to meet Ben, I would love a photo of them together! We will look forward to hearing from you and Finlay again very soon.

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ed and rebecca said...

What a handsome boy , just like Ben!x