11 March 2011

Blog News

I have just been informed that Tim Bouse came out of hospital today he was admitted on Sunday with chest pains. It is very unlikely that Tim and Julie will be at Crufts in the morning. Tim and Julie live in Wales, at least a three hour Journey to the NEC! Get well Tim we will miss you tomorrow.

What a fantastic surprise for Enid and Hefin on Discover Dogs today when  a stranger (Ton Chisholm from America) came up to the booth and said, hello Ecco and Solo. Tom is a regular visitor to bedlingtonpictures and immediately recolonized Hefin, Enid and the Pengerrig  beddies. I am looking forward to meeting Tom tomorrow.

Bedlingtons are in the ring at 9 am tomorrow Jon will be at the ringside to take photos. We have comprehensive Crufts photos from 2001, doesn’t time fly! As I am busy Sunday this year’s photos will not be uploaded to the blog until Monday. Have a safe journey and we will look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!  


Rod Chris & Lucy said...

We too had a chat with Tom & Patrick about their 3 Bedlingtons at Discover Dogs on Friday. They had been to two shows in the U.S.A. including the Westminster show and had only seen 6 bedlingtons & 8 at each show. They were looking forward to Saturday and watching the judging and meeting 100 Bedlingtons !
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys


They also visited the stand on Saturday, nice to meet folk from overseas who know the blog.

The Makem

Sarah and Tony said...

We had a fantastic time at Discover Dogs. The dogs were exhausted, but seem to have enjoyed all the meeting and greeting. Sorry to have missed Tom on Saturday, he's made some lovely comments about our pictures and dogs over the years.
Sarah and Tony