29 March 2011

Cut & Blow Dry For Bailey-Jay

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (18)

Hi everyone I though you might like to see some photos of me before and after my latest hair cut Mam said I'm very cute and as always very well behaved. I also had a bath last night so I smell very nice too Lots of love Bailey-Jay xxxxxxx

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (4)

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (9)

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (32)

Thank you Bailey–Jay I expect you feel much better with all that hair gone! You certainly look very handsome say hello to your mum Linda, she certainly is a very good hairdresser. 


k9 said...

Who looks a posh paws then Bailey-Jay you are looking good from the K9 Marshal Crew

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Looking good Bailey- Jay!

Hopefully we will see you soon, your mams getting the knack of the clipping now.

I hope your taking notice of your sisters progress in the showring!

patricia said...

did you have a colour too Bailey Jay, peroxide perhaps, anyway you look the bees knees. x

Linda, Misty and Bailey-Jay said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments no peroxide though I always look much lighter when I've had my hair cut. Dad doesn't know who is who now so I can get up to mischief and blame Misty!!!