23 March 2011

Good Morning From Sunny Wales


Good morning Bloggers. Yesterday was a beautiful day and Solo and Ecco enjoyed their walk on the mountain with their best friend Ossie the labradoodle. Alyn, the owner always had Old English Sheepdogs but decided to downsize but Ossie just grew and grew! He loves water and Solo followed him into the pond for a paddle and got covered in mud.. I wonder if mud is a good coat conditioner for dogs?

Tim is making a good recovery from his cardiac condition and should be back walking the dogs soon. Brian Holland was sad to hear about Brian Waller’s dog passing away as he has a dog from one of her litters. Hefin went to visit Elwyn to deliver Fish 4 Dogs that we bought from Crufts. His dogs love the treats but it is quite difficult to buy around here. He's doing OK and going to get the caravan ready to go fishing at the end of next month.
I had a bit of a shock when I went into the garden and heard something scuttling in the bushes. I went to see what it was thinking it was a blackbird and there looking out at me with beady eyes was a huge rat. The four dogs were sunbathing and hadn't noticed it but I called them and they came running over but the rat had disappeared. Fizz was on patrol for hours hoping it would come back. I'll have to ask our expert, Kevin, to come over and get rid of it and I'll have to stop feeding the birds.
Good luck to all those showing at The National Bedlington Show on Saturday. Family commitments mean that we are unable to go - the first time for many years. Enid

Thank you Enid. Pleased to hear Tim is making a good recovery, we look forward to seeing him and Julie by the ringside soon. Fantastic to read Elwyn is making plans to go fishing and enjoy a break with the dogs in the caravan. I know how much both Mo and Elwyn loved their fishing holidays. The lovely weather makes us all want to head off to the countryside as soon as possible! Mr Rat lives another day! I think he must be very very well fed on your bird food, inviting Kevin over and letting the ferrets loose, will force Mr Rat out of hiding and give the dogs a real thrill.  


Tina W said...

Glad to hear Tim is making a good recovery.I don't envy you with the rat in the garden-poor birds will wonder why you've stopped feeding them. Looking forward to going away fishing with Elwyn at the end of April..fingers crossed we have decent weather!

J&T said...

Come on you Pengerrig gang, have you gone on strike! Get rid of that intruder in mum and dads garden!!!!!!!!
LOL Jane xxx
ps glad to hear Tims on the mend.