30 March 2011

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. We've had some glorious weather and have been able to get out walking with the dogs. Their friends, Lady the Jack Russel and Scoobie the Staffie have their very own garden on the mountain complete with deck chairs, parasol and bird table. It's a real sun trap and quite a secret place so it's a privilege to be let in. Del and Reg tend their little flower bed and feed the birds every day even when we have really deep snow in the winter. Scoobie looks a bit scary but is one of the softest dogs we know. Lady is the Boss and keeps everyone in their place. Del always has a pocket full of treats so he is a great favourite with the Pengerrig Gang.

Jetsway Captain Morgan is back to normal after a nasty tummy bug that prevented him going to Crufts. He is about to become a dad for the first time and the litter is due tomorrow in Bristol so we are eagerly awaiting the outcome.
We're off to National Terrier on the weekend. Hefin is the doctor for the Show so we'll be there bright and early. It is one of our favourite shows with a very friendly atmosphere and a fantastic members lounge and they've managed to keep the entry fees down unlike some other Championship Shows that are charging £26 this year. Good luck to everyone showing and remember the best dogs always come home with you!

Thank you Enid, we will look forward to the puppy news  Although camping is not mentioned in the schedule for National Terrier, camping is permitted!


J&T said...

Staffies aren,t scarry Enid, just their owners sometimes.
Jane xxx

Tina W said...

I like Nat Terrier too-just a pity we're 3rd in though.