31 March 2011

Misty Has A Hair Cut Too

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (5)

Hello I thought you might like to see my before and after pics too. I love my baby brother even though he torments me, disturbs my beauty sleep and pinches my toys. He is such good fun and chases me all over I don't like it when he grabs my tail that hurts he is getting too fast now and can catch me up. Well its time for our tea I think its chicken tonight yummy Lots of love Misty xxxxxxx

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (14)

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (7)

Thank you Misty, what a couple of swell guys you and Bailey–Jay are! I bet you get lots of admiring glances when you walk down the street! 


k9 said...

Well Misty you do look a posh paws. We can see that you and Bailey-Jay will be painting the town red tonight and pulling the chicks from The K9 Marshal Crew

patricia said...

You look super Misty, very pretty. x