14 March 2011

A New Bedlington Manual For The Bedlington Terrier Club Of America

Good Day Lesley,

I've been appointed by the President of the Club  Of America to Chair  the Bedlington Manual Committee. I'm writing you to request your support. Between us, you with your Bedlington Pictures Blog and my Bedlington-L, we have the ability to reach people from all corners of the world.

As editor of this next Bedlington Terrier publication, my hope is to report an accurate and comprehensive look at our breed for this time period. My approach will be that of a journalist and the focus will be on the breed. Never before have we had the opportunity to take such advantage of the Internet in culling information and resources.

I need your help in getting the word out to Bedlington fanciers. I'm looking for stories, resources, photos, historical information, notable dogs and why they should be distinguished, photos of Bedlington art, artifacts. I'm hoping to find someone to write an article on Working Bedlingtons. I'd love to work with the Bedlington Club but don't quite know who to contact. I understand the club has published some wonderful articles. I'd love to speak with or email the club historian. It would be thrilling if we could share information.

Moreover, your understanding of the UK Bedlington Fancy, history, club workings will be greatly appreciated. I hope to reach out to anyone interested in making a contribution to the manual or has a story to tell. I want this to be unbiased, about the breed, and not so much personalities. I'd like to find out how many Bedlington Terrier Clubs actually exists worldwide. In the near future, I will ask you to post a note to your Bedlington blog regarding this project.  I welcome your thoughts on the matter Jeannie .

Calling the BTA, MBTC & NBTC committee members can anyone please help   with stories, resources, photos and historical information for the BTCA manual? John Glover has kindly offered to write an article on the working bedlington Terrier.



Iv'e sent a snippet to Jeannie of Bedlingtons in the late 1920s early 1930s. She was thrilled to read what Id'e sent and to see the old picture of Eileen's mother with Nettle.

The Makem

Lesley 2 said...

That's great Derek a real family bedlington story!!
I do hope the breed clubs send in an article of their history.

JRBreslin said...

Yes you did... and I still LOVE the story with photo