29 March 2011

Pets As Therapy Showdog of the Year


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Little Asha  will be supporting the breed this year in the PAT Stakes, her first show will be Bath Championship Show. Asha is visitng “Low Furlong” residential home which cares for older people with dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, the mentally ill and those who need a secure environment and help with day to day living..


Linda, Misty and Bailey-Jay said...

I'm sure little Asha will be a real tonic for the residents she is beautiful she looks such a little sweetie and I'm sure they will all look forward to her visits.
Love Linda, Misty &Bailey-Jay xx

Flora said...

The coloring of that Bedlie is beautiful! I've never seen one so dark. Is it because she is a puppy or is that just a unique coat? My Bedlingtons are from the US so I'm not sure if there are regional differences in colorings.


Lesley R Caines said...

Asha is an outcross working/show breeding she has a very crisp dark liver coat. At 15 months old she is unlikely to go much lighter. There are very few dark coated liver bedlingtons and hardly any in the show ring. Lesley

29 March, 2011 14:53

tom.chisholm said...

Asha, such a gorgeous bedlington. Great eyes!

Lesley 2 said...

A comment from Stuart Yearley

Asha's Colour conforms perfectly to the breed standard but not to the current fashion exhibited in the show ring.