05 March 2011

A Quiet Saturday Stroll For Ben & Issacc!

i took the boys for a walk in the park today,a little stroll round the duck pond it was going great till Issacc fell in the pond and on the way back Ben savaged a pigeon! BillyIMAGE_290

Goodness Billy did  Issacc start to shiver after his soaking? It was not exactly warm yesterday! Ben certainly found himself a prize in the park. There is nothing more exciting than exercising bedlingtons!


Tina W said...

Fun and games!!!


Hope he looks better for the Grand Opening of the park in May.

We'll have a parade.

The Makem

patricia said...

Oh Dear I took larry and leo on a different walk the other day, and as we passed what I thought was a derelict house, larry spied chickens walking about, all hell broke loose, and I had to pull one out of his mouth. we quietly walked off!!