05 March 2011

Results Swindon & Wath and West Melton Results

Judge - Julian Barney

Junior - 3 entered - 1 absent

1st - Sharnor Faithful Falcon - BOB & Group 2

2nd - Bowling Brook Trick or Treat - BP & Puppy Group 4

Post Graduate - 6 entered - 2 absent

1st - Gnejnabay Chokko Pops - RBOB

2nd - Sharnor Emerald Electra

3rd - Ratzwell Dolly Mixture

4th - Jetsway Capatain Morgan

Open - 4 entered - 1 absent

1st - Gnejnabay Zena of Bugibba SHCM

2nd - Bowling Brook My Blue Heaven

3rd - Ratzwell Independance

Thank you Louse (oops I mean Louise) for the results well done to Falcon, Chokko and Cora 

Wath And West Melton

I think this maybe the first time this Club has scheduled Bedlingtons. Unfortunately only 2 dogs there.

Bisbee Beachcomber - Best of Breed (Judge Val Finney) and Terrier Group 3 (Judge John Finney)

Bisbee Belle Inni - Reserve BOB

Bisbee Belle Inni - 1st AV Terrier Graduate (Judge John Finney)

Both Judges are in Staffies. Derek

Well done to Dorothy, just a shame there were only the two entries, I do hope the club don’t drop Bedlington classes next time!


Tina W said...

Think the pup is Cora.

Lesley 2 said...

Thanks Tina xx

Agathasmum Louise said...

Hey Lesley, I know we don't always agree about everything, but there's no need to call me a Louse!!! (only joking!)

Lesley 2 said...

Great name !!! Better change it before you hit
me xxxx