10 March 2011

Team Miteymidgets


Yvonne will be competing  in the finals this afternoon of the “Breeders Competition” at Crufts. Good luck from everyone on the blog!

If you are at Crufts today you can see the team at Hall 1 at 3.30 where. It will be prejudged in Ring 1 and then the finalists will be in the Arena at 5.30.

Unfortunately Yvonne and the team did not make the final cut but a very well done to the  Miteymidgets Kennel for qualifying for the final and representing the breed in this prestigious competition.


Linda said...

We will be at Crufts on Saturday to meet old friends any maybe buy a few treats for the girls.
Can anybody tell me what time the Bedlingtons are showing - I know they are Hall 1, Ring 3

Linda, Lee & Sophie
Tasha & Tilly

Tina W said...

Hi Linda-judging starts at 9am.

J&T said...

Hi Linda, sent Lee am e-mail to check you were still going but wasn,t sure I had the right address. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up.
Jane xxx

Linda said...

Hi Jane
Lee forwarded it to me at work and I sent you a reply, did you not get it? We'll be travelling down on Friday night and staying in a Travelodge for an early start the next morning - I was hoping for a bit of a lie in but with a 9am start I guess not!! See you all there, I'm getting excited now...

Kierlander said...

Good luck to team Miteymidgets today

J&T said...

Looking forward to seeing you!
Love Jane xxx