19 March 2011

Time To Get The Mower Out!!

Hi Everyone
Well what nice weather we are having at the moment, luckily I have had 2 to 3 hours in the afternoons to come home from work to walk Jazz and Sapphire. We have made the most of the sunshine and have enjoyed the walks down the towpaths of the canals. We have also been able to get some dog training in on a Thursday night and the odd training session in for the Whitchurch Dog Display Team, the new season starts next weekend at Walford Collage near Shrewsbury.

Today (Friday) Jazz , Sapphire and myself went for a 5 mile walk down the canal by Whittington and enjoyed the peace and quiet and the sunshine. We then went on to Whittington Castle to do the first cut of the season with the sit on mower.


The dogs were so happy they tried to pinch the mower off me again much to people’s amusement. They had their photos taken by the small crowd that had gathered around and with the fuss that they were getting  it took me an hour to get the mower from them and start to cut the grass. After I had finished cutting the grass we had a cup of tea and a piece of cake for our dinners (well the dogs had a cuppa tea to themselves and a large gingerbread man). We headed off home and they spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing in the front garden topping their tans up ready for the Bedlington Fun day.

Thank you Ian, you are going to be soooooooo busy this summer with working, grass cutting, marshelling and dog walking not enough hours in one day!. I love the photo of  Jazz and Sapphire the mower they certainly love all the attention. We are already looking forward to the Fun Day!


patricia said...

sweeeeet, they look like they remembered how to do it.!

bill said...

Ian it looks like you are one season ahead of us down there

enid said...

You've got two very talented Beddies!

k9 said...

Well Billy ive started to spray the grass with some lager so i dont have to cut it so often ( it comes up half cut ha ha) lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Linda, Misty and Bailey-Jay said...

Love the photo they look so cute bet they loved the tea and gingerbread man Misty & Bailey-Jay push each other out of the way to get my coffee cup. love Linda, Misty & Bailey-Jay xx