22 March 2011

We Catch Up With Marie, Briagha & Cody


I don't know where the time has gone, I guess I've been busy with work and travel. I have looked in on the blog from time to time and was extremely saddened to read recently about big Mo. I'm sure she will always be remembered fondly by the bloggers.

Cody and Briagha have both had some stomach problems lately. Firstly Briagha had another episode of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE), that required an emergency trip to the vet. Then Cody came down with it some time later in an unrelated incident. I think it may be caused by food allergy so I've switched them both to dry food for sensitive stomachs. Briagha is thriving on it and her skin is much better too. I'm hoping Cody will catch up with her because his skin is still a bit itchy with hot spots.

I'm just back from a photo trip to Iceland where it was extremely cold, but we saw the most amazing displays of the northern lights (pic enclosed). We were very lucky to see them every one of the four nights we were there. I will try to write now and then with updates of my travels etc Marie

It is lovey to hear from you Marie and see one of your fantastic photos. What a photo seeing the northern lights must have been amazing!
Time does fly. We certainly miss your photos and bedlington news from the island so do send us updates when you have time. Pleased the dog’s tummies are better it does seem unusual for both dogs to come down with the same symptoms from possible unrelated illnesses. Lovely to hear from you and do write again soon. 



Hello Marie

Nice to hear from you again and to see your lovely pictures.

The Makems

Agathasmum Louise said...

It's lovely to see your fabulous photos again, we've really missed them. I hope your dogs are both recovered from the problems they've had.

Rod Chris & Lucy said...

What a beautufulphoto we have missed your fabulous photos. Hope the dogs continue to improve.
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys

enid said...

I was only thinking about you yesterday because my grandson came first in the Urdd County Eisteddfod with his photographs. Wonderful photo of the Northern lights. You were so lucky to see them. Hope the dogs continue to improve.

chris worrall said...

I have a dog with food allergies, she constantly itched and scratched until she made herself bleed. I now feed her Fish4Dogs, Finest Salmon with Yumega Plus and she has never been better. I would highly recommend it.

tony waller said...

Welcome back Marie, great picture another for our gallery.
Yes it was so sad about MO we were friends for almost 20 Yrs, Mo always said that she would like to visit Sky.
Hope the dogs continue to improve.
Tony & Sandra

Mary Lou said...

Thank goodness we finally hear from you. I had decided that you had run away from home with Bolly Bob's sister! Glad to see you back and your wonderful photography.

Mary Lou & The Gang

Marie said...

Lol, thanks folks :-)

J&T said...

Wonderful photo Marie, something I,d love to see,(only I don,t do cold!)Good to have you back. Our Archie had colitus for years which very suddenly stopped when he was about 9.
Jane xxx

patricia said...

Hello Marie was thinking about you only yesterday and wondering where you had got too. Larry, has that tummy problem do you remember we nearly lost him, he can only tolerate chicken boiled, then I mix it with spaghetti or past and spinach carrots or peas, so they are both on it.Larry used to drive us senseless with itchy ears and feet, both cured at last with thornit powder, he has lovely pink ears now instead of permanently red. leo has skin like a rhinoseros, hope this help and lovely pictures. miss them.

Kathy Alders said...

msg for patricia,
where can i get the thornit powder?
we have a bitch that permantly scratches her ears and chews her feet, we have tried almost everything so i would like to give this a try , i have tried googling it but no luck