16 March 2011

Wednesday’s Welsh News From Enid

Good morning, Bloggers. Crufts is over for another year and I would like to thank everyone who helped us on Discover Dogs. Sarah and Tony brought a beautiful picture of their adorable rescue dogs and said we can use it again next year.


It was so good to meet up with friends from the blog , especially those from overseas, and people we hadn't seen since last year. It all got a bit too much for Solo as you can see in the photo, I have learned from my mistakes and won't take them the day before showing again!


Derek is going to help out and I'm sure we can get other people who would love to help. We'll be showing on Sunday next year. I really enjoyed handling in the Breeders competition and it was exciting to parade in the Big Ring with all the lights and television cameras. The dogs were very calm and took it all in their stride.
You will be glad to know that Tim is home and feeling a lot better. He was sorry to miss Crufts and meeting up with friends but health comes first.

Thank you Enid, pleased to hear Tim is feeling better and look forward to seeing him and Julie round the summer shows. We went back to Crufts on the Sunday to help raise money for Pets As Therapy. We just collected for a few hours in the morning. By lunch time there were so many people pushing and shovelling for space I decided to give Asha some peace and let her rest in her cage during  the afternoon madness.

Asha PAT 2

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ed and rebecca said...

You all did a great job at discover dogs. We know from experience that it is very exhausting for the dogs being fussed so much.Well done Lesley and Asha too!x