20 March 2011

Yesterday At Murton Terrier & Lurcher Show

Hello Bloggers,

Yesterdday was Murton Terrier & Lurcher Show held in Co. Durham. As it was the first show of the year and as the day turned out sunny there was a good turn out of working terriers and lurchers. Murton used to be a pit village so terriers and lurchers were, and still are popular with the locals.


The owner of this Bedlington apologised for his looks but he had been to ground that morning and then came straight to the show. He is from John Holdon's Granitor line. There was also a pup in the cage.


We first met these Lakeland crosses last year at another show in Co. Durham. Up close they are gorgeous. Their owners said they live outside and sleep in an old beer barrel, bet the beer was drunk first.


Well!! here are some familiar faces, Wor Billy on his phone as usual. Tghe Lakelands look really tough and fit.  


Judging of the Bedlington dogs. The young lad was first, Billy second


This dark lad was only a few months old and his dad is one of Nigel Stock’s dogs.As can be seen the dress code for working shows is very casual and the beer was flowing around the ring side. The Makems

Thank you Derek, I think a great day was had by all at the show yesterday. The Lakelands look really well and fit lovely working dogs! Unfortunately apart from a couple of hunt kennel shows we don’t have many working shows in Oxfordshire and non with Bedlington classes!


enid said...

Looks like you had a good day out. I love the colour of those lakeland crosses.

billy666 said...

it was a great start to the working shows,hope the rest have as good weather
I counted at least 18 bedlingtons there
i was at an open show at Redcar on the morning then up to Murton for the working show and in the house for 2pm....new sport SPEED SHOWING

ed and rebecca said...

I can imagine the look our two would give us if we told them they were sleeping in a barrel!x

Tina W said...

That included a stp off at KFC !!

billy said...

i forgot about that Tina,Issacc loved his kiddy meal