04 May 2011

Bieke Goes Tadpole Hunting!!


Here is Bieke, Jacob's sister, lazing in the garden. She is going for her first trim next week. The pond is still an attraction even after falling in totally last week. The tadpoles have to keep out of the way or they risk being on the menu! Rurh and Howard


Thank you for the lovely photos of your pup. It is a wonder Bieke has not toppled into the pond again! Don’t suppose she would mind a dip in this sunny weather. Do send us a photo after her trim I expect she will be pleased to get rid of any excess coat.


billy said...

just like her dad Issacc,he fell in a duck pond.
looking good there girl

ed and rebecca said...

Hester had a fascination with ponds too. Bieke looks like a bundle of fun!x