15 May 2011

A Good Day For Billy At Pickering

Billy’s Mini the Minx won the veteran from a class of 7, well done Mini! It was not that long ago when Mini was very poorly when she contracted a terrible skin condition where her body and face were covered in sore blisters, how fantastic to see her in super fit and winning in the ring!  Issacc made the semi finals in the racing well done to him for showing just how game and fast the bedlington can be.  


Young Jacob teams up with Betsy for the pairs competition.


Lesley said...

Well Done Billy!
Hope a rain kept off!!

Lesley & John

billy said...

Issacc 1st in Bedlington dog
2nd in the final

he came 2nd in Bedlington lurcher(well there was only one other dog in it,so why not)

Agathasmum Louise said...

Well done Issaac & Mini!


Nice one Billy. Must try and get to a working show again soon.

The Makems

billy said...

Pelaw this weekend.just up the road

k9 said...


Well done, You had a good weekend.

Me and the monster took part in three displays at the Shropshire County Show, O'boy does he show me up! but Ian with miss goody two shoes never puts a foot wrong!