04 May 2011

Good Morning From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. WELKS went off very well and Tim was delighted with BPIB with his youngster. It was lovely to see Elwyn at the ringside again. From what I could gather he's being well looked after by Tina and Sandra. We have a new junior handler coming through the ranks. Meet 6 year old Luca, Julie Brooks's grandson who did a splendid job showing Doehay Heart of Darkness at Terrier Club of South Wales last Sunday.



He was very confident and wanted to do it all by himself and he would have if he'd had a step to stand on! We made sure he had a special rosette to remember his day. The whole family turned out to support. Solo went BOB with Julie's puppy dog, Doehay Heartstrings, winning BP. The Sealyhams turned out in force and there were eight in open. 1

We were a bit concerned when Jen Lacey failed to show up so I rang when I got home and she had had an horrendous day. Her puppy, Cora, had been really ill with a tummy bug and she had to rush her to the emergency vet. She spent all day sleeping on Jen's lap and had to be given fluids by syringe. I'm pleased to say that the antibiotics have worked and she is right as rain.
Andrea came to support and was upset that she had lost her Bedlington/poodle cross. She would love to help out with Blue but her work commitments mean that she couldn't give him the attention he needs. She has been in touch with  the people who are fostering him and is arranging to walk him. We'll be at The National Show at Stafford on Saturday Bedlingtons are first in the ring at nine o'clock sharp. Hopefully I'll see some of you there. Enid

Thank you Enid pleased to read Cora is now well she has been missed at the open shows as she was entered and did not show at Marlborough on Monday! What a confident young man Luca is, I do hope he grows up to continue to love the world of dog showing. I feel sad for Andrea but do hope  before long she will be able to adopt a new pal for “Boy”. We are not at the National unfortunately dates do clash and this weekend is a two day agility show, it is Asha’s first show and she is competing in the “Nursery Class”. It is going to be difficult keeping her under control but we will have fun! My thanks goes to Norman Ames who has kindly offered to take photos of the National class winners for the blog. Good luck to everyone showing!   


J&T said...

Prehaps someone would like to check I have read this right! If you look at the National website it says there is an error with the pass info and judging on ALL 4 days will start at 10am. The website can be accessed from the NBTC.
Jane xxx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

There is an error on the National Dog Show’s information leaflet
which has been sent out to all exhibitors. This states start times
of 9.00 a.m. for Days 3 & 4 of the show. The Society would like
to confirm that judging on all four days will commence at 10.00
a.m. for all breeds which are first in the ring, unless a 9 a.m.
start for the individual breed is specified on the information
leaflet. If there is any confusion please email the Secretary at
thenational@btinternet.com or ring on 01206 391984.

enid said...

I've just checked the web site and you are right. It is a 10 o'clock start so that's better. It did say 9 in the actual schedule.
24 dogs entered in SKA with 28 entries.