09 May 2011

Groomer Needed In The Ipswich Area

I am just emailing to ask for some advice if that's ok. I am from Ipswich and have so far been unable to find a groomer who I'm happy with, or who is confident with the bedlington cut. I am tempted to learn how to groom Finlay myself, but I'm not really sure where to start. Are there teaching classes or anything similar? Or groomers who would be willing to teach me? I'm a bit nervous about attempting it myself.  Thank you Charlotte & Finlay

Thank you Charlotte, I don’t think we have anyone in the “Recommended Groomers” file for Ipswich. Hopefully someone reading the blog may be able to help!


Elaine & Ern said...

Will there be any one at the fun day to give a few tips Lesley?

Think I have just about mastered it but still struggle wih some of the fiddly bits!!!!!

Would be nice to see how others tackle it

Lesley 2 said...

The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club are running the Fun Day this year and I don't have a complete list of the day's activities.
The Funday is July 16th at Brailes Nr Banbury camping at the venue from the Thursday

Sarah and Tony said...

We'd love some more training too, especially the heads. Ed and Rosie have had some interesting styles in recent weeks.

carol said...

I live in Leiston, which is about 25minutes from Ipswich, If that is any help, Charlotte. I can give you a few pointers and get you started.