24 May 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow ?

I have a new composter and in the instructions it says you can put in human and dog hair. I get a lot of clippings of Bedlington fur - do you think you could ask on the blog if anyone else has tried composting their bedlington clippings? Thanks, Dorothy!

Dorothy I have bags and bags of bedlington clippings been saving them for years hoping to stuff  cushions, never got round to it. I need to wash the hair first but even contained in a pillow case I am frightened to put it into the machine. I have been told it is not possible to spin as it is to short. I spend most of the time trying to stop the field mice from breaking in the bags, it is just perfect for their nests!  

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enid said...

Elwyn's daughter, Linda is an expert on recycling and she told me it was OK to put dog hair in my compost.