25 May 2011

Introducing Karen and Bramble

Hello bloggers,
I thought it's about time I introduced Bramble ( Rainstall Balladen Horizon ) to you all. I have been reading the blog for a while now and have met a few of you bloggers and your beautiful dogs at some of the north east shows. I would like to thank Eileen and Derek who i met last year for all their patience, time, and effort spent showing me how to groom a bedlington. Many,Many thanks to you both.
Bramble is my first Bedlington my other dogs have been a border terrier, Labrador X whippet and two of her pups, and a whippet. After finding out I'm allergic to some dogs ( amongst other things ) I decided ( after seeing photo's of a friend’s bedlington X ) and researching the breed, that was the breed for me. Bramble is very intelligent ( well I think so ) can be very stubborn, independent, and I love him to bits!! He will be 2 in July so I suppose he's still learning, but will not walk to heel on his lead ( my fault, I curse the day I used an extendable lead ) but he doesn't pull as much on the way back home after his walks, ( he probably isn't too keen to get home as he loves being out in the park and on his walks.) The first photo is Bramble taken about a month ago.

bramble 2009-2011 696

The second photo was taken yesterday at Pelaw. From left to right: Rhonda with Shaun and Dolly, Me with Bramble, and Billy with Isaac.

bramble 2009-2011 706

Isaac came first, bramble second, unknown third.  I look forward to reading further posts on the blog and will post again soon. Karen and Bramble.

Karen and Bramble welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for writing and sending us the photos, we always love having new friends join  in bedlingtonpictures. Bramble looks lovely with a real cheeky expression on his face in the photo.  A very well done for your second place at Pelaw, as you know we are all a very friendly bunch and only to pleased to help those new to the world showing or any other activity you may wish to try. Do write again soon.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Good to hear about you and Bramble Karen!

No doubt you will be at Northumberland show at Corbridge on Bank Holiday Monday.


Hello Karen

Glad you have finally managed to get a posting on the blog, keep up the news about the working shows. See you later.

The Makems

Tina W said...

Hello and welcome to the blog-good luck at the shows!

enid said...

A big welcome to the blog from Larry, Fizz, Ecco and Solo.

k9 said...

Welcome to the Blog from Ian, Jazz and Sapphire aka The K9 Marshal Crew

billy said...

hello Bramble we keep bumping into you,do not think anyone is going to Corbidge on monday,so see you at the Yorkshire show Harewood house

matthew@seaofiron. said...

Hi bramble.
May see u at some more companion dog shows.

Lesley said...

Hi Karen & Bramble

TJ & Summer hope to see you at some shows soon.

Lesley & John

bramble38 said...

Thankyou to everyone for welcoming Bramble and me to the blog.
I didn't know about the Northumberland show at Corbridge, so thankyou Mark for the info.
I spoke to Eileen Lewis this afternoon and she said it was well signposted and easy to find, so all being well me and bramble will see some of you there.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

There will be plenty at Corbridge Billy, its always the best supported terrier show in the North.
Over 80 borders last year and if I remember correctly around 10 bedlingtons.
Should be a great day if the weathers fine, with plenty to do.
See link below, over 28,000 visitors last year


Sarah and Tony said...

Welcome to the blog Karen. I think we met at Wolsingham last year. That was my first experience of a working show. We'll be at Corbridge, split between the dog show and the dry stone walling.