19 May 2011

Organise your own fun dog show!



A successful and fun event need not take up too much time to put together. Having been involved with all levels of dog shows, Joe Inglis and his team at Vet’s Kitchen have put together an easy to follow check list to help you an the perfect event. Click HERE

Why not have some fun with your neighbours and organise a fun dog show in your local area! I have been training a few local dogs in basic obedience, heelwork to music and agility and have formed a small fun club called “The Feldon Flyers”. As a club we have been asked to give our first display this summer, it is all exciting and hopefully we will run our own fun event soon. Besides the bedlingtons the club has a complete mixture of dogs with enthusiastic owners  who enjoy the special relationship developed through training. We have already arranged a “Feldon Flyers” barb-e-que for next month, some of our beginner dogs are now competing in their first UK agility events and we hope to a fun dog racing event this summer at home.      


k9 said...


Lesley we should be on their calendar!

k9 said...

Thanks Lesley for reminding me about that dreaded Sumo outfit lol Ian and the K9 Marshal Crew