31 May 2011

Two Beautiful Girls For “Charmer”

"Charmers 1st Litter


Sharnor Crystal Charm at Ystwythbay (Charmer) gave birth on Monday 30th May to 2 beautiful bitches. It is Charmers first litter and she was very laid back about it all and slightly confused when puppy no 1 appeared but we soon overcame that. We had to wait another 4 hours before no 2 arrived and by this time Sharon had arrived too give me a helping hand. We would like too thank Sharon and Norman for all their support and help. Paul and Lisa Williams


Fantastic news, it has been some time since we had blog babies. Many congratulations to Paul, Lisa and new mum “Charmer.” Do send us regular photos, we will look forward to seeing the pups  develop into lovely playful mischievous young bedlingtons!



They are beautiful, just beautiful.
And they look so contented.
Wish they were mine :-)))

Tina W said...

Aww bless their little velvet paws!

mark.allinson said...

Well done Charmer, they look adorable. Glad all went well. Hope to see you guyz soon lol and take care xxx