26 May 2011

We Catch Up With Ed And Ossie


Sarah and Tony have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that they didn’t get chance to tell you about our holidays. We were worried that our new oldies wouldn’t manage ‘big’ walks and our mountaineering might be curtailed, but we needn’t have worried. We went to the Lake District for Easter staying in a smart hotel Holbeck Ghyll. We’ve been there before, for special occasions. It is very dog friendly, providing a throw in case we sit on the furniture (not that we are allowed), chews, bonios and poo bags. The best thing for us are the lovely woodland walks. It was so hot and sunny on Good Friday, we managed the Loughrigg Terrace walk and enjoyed paddling in Grasmere.

View to Grasmere

View To Grasmere

Saturday was cooler so we did an 8 mile walk around Langdale. We thought that might have been too much for Jasper, but when we got back, he was throwing his ball around and even tried playing with the man in the next door lodge, while we put our feet up. Sunday was very hot again so just a short walk by Aira Force waterfall, and a bit more paddling.

We only came home for a couple of days before our usual Spring trip to Scotland with a big group of friends. We took the caravan, and stayed at a lovely site on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. What a beautiful place, sandy clean beaches and great walks. One day Rosie fell in a loch, and that’s when we learnt that she loves swimming. (strange girl – we still walk round puddles and try not to get more than our toes wet). It was windy and she got a bit cold, so had fun trying to dry herself on Tony. We stopped a few days on the way home in Killin and managed to ‘bag’ another Munro: Beinn Ghlass 1103 m. We would have managed another if we’d gone on to the top of Ben Lawers, but the weather changed with strong winds and horizontal rain, and we came down off the mountain very quickly. Rosie and Jasper clearly share our love of the mountains, Rosie loves walking at the front with us, Jasper plods at his own pace with Sarah. He’s a determined little guy, fitter than ever, and no sign of problems from his arthritic hip or his leaky heart valve.

Ardnamurchan point Adnamurchan Point

We definitely looking forward to our next holiday in July, when we go to Devon on the way to the fun day. Love from Ed and Ossie

Thank you Ed and Ossie, what lucky bedlingtons having such special holidays staying in a smart hotel and exploring the glorious hills and lakes in Cumbria and Scotland. Down to Devon in July you just need a visit to Wales to complete your UK tour. It is fantastic to read Rosie and Jasper are fitter than ever and share your love of the great outdoors!


Tina W said...

You seem to have had a lovely couple of weeks- sounds like the dogs enjoyed it too.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Looks great! Great to see the dogs enjoying life.

enid said...

Great to know the two oldies enjoyed themselves. I'm impressed you found a hotel to take 4 dogs. We'll have to look it up.

Elaine & Ern said...

What a great time your pack are having - we have just done the lakes with our two (it was soooo wet) and are off to the Black Isle with them in June.

We are wandering off towards Wales in early July so may be able to drop into the fun day - very keen to watch the grooming session.

Sarah - Sue is also planning a little Dewentside Beddie meet/walk - will let you know her thoughts when she gets in touch - would love to meet Rosie and Jasper in the flesh!!

Love from Mac and Lil (and occasionally Min)

ed and rebecca said...

Looks like you had a great time! it's amazing what you can do when you try , well done Jasper and Rosie for keeping up with the young -uns! x