08 May 2011

We Say Hello To The Woofs Across The Pond!

My Willo

Hello everyone,
I have been a bit out of the loop here lately. Promise to do better in the coming weeks. I have been busy getting used to being back at work, but all is going well. The girls seem to have adjusted to the new routine without any problems. We have been pretty quiet here, everyone has been thrilled by the gorgeous weather and happy to be spend lots of time outside. The girls have been helping me with the garden.....I pull weeds out & they pick them up and shake them to death, tossing dirt everywhere! They really seem to enjoy helping with this. Today is cloud and dreary and everyone is very happy to just sleep. I think the dogs are "solar powered" like me......they need sunshine to get them up and bouncing around
Congratulations to everyone that is showing & I love the photos of Asha, Diesel and Fudge. What fabulous results everyone is having.  Have a wonderful, warm and sunny week!

Thank you Tricia we have had some super weather as well, not hot today cool sunny and breezy  real outdoor sports weather! Just love the photo of Willo she looks very pretty, I think she must have been to your  beauty parlour for a trim and shampoo. I don’t suppose it will be quiet on the island for long, so make the most of the time you have by relaxing in the garden and walking the woofs. 

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enid said...

We've had torrential rain today. It was like driving through a river to come home up the hill. Nice to hear from you again.