25 May 2011

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning Bloggers. We're home safe and sound from a very windy Scotland before the ash cloud struck. As you can see from the photo, Larry feels the cold these days. He had been out for a walk wearing his coat but started to shiver when we got back in so I put his fleece on and wrapped him in a trusty blue blanket. He soon settled and was sound asleep in no time.


Solo had a whale of a time trying to get into the rabbit warrens by the airport perimeter fence. Fortunately he was on an extending lead but still managed to get his head and neck down so was very dirty the day before showing.


Elwyn has been our good Samaritan once more and has welded our dog trolley so that it is as good as new. He bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday. I was thrilled to bits. I'm going to use the roses in my flower arrangement in floral art this afternoon.
I spoke to Diane Herbert and her brother in law is quite poorly so she has no one to look after her dogs so can't get to any shows. She's missing them and meeting up with everyone but sends her best wishes to you all.
I spent some time ay SKC looking for an orange collar for “Guinness”, the standard poodle to wear to Clair's wedding. We wanted one with a bit of bling on it. I've found someone who makes plaited ones and he can weave in beads and things but would be grateful if anyone knows where we could get one with rhinestones. It has to be orange because that's the colour the bridesmaids are wearing. We're off to Bath on Friday. We're on first for a change and there are 20 dogs entered. Good luck to all those showing. Enid

Thank you Enid Larry does look quite miserable in the photo but as we all get older we start to feel the cold. I bet he was feeling better in no time. the fleece looks really snuggling and warm. Do hope you enjoyed your birthday and we will look forward to seeing your flower arrangement from Elwyn’s bouquet.


k9 said...

Enid there was a stand at birmingham show who make jewelled collars and guess what their mascot is a bedlington, "Silvarious ltd, 07931 787751" from Bakewell.
Give them a ring I can't remember if they were going to do any more shows but they may have a web site so google the name.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

website for lady at Birmingham national with collars (not a lot of detail on it yet):


Good luck to everyone attending Bath, a little to far for us for no tickets, but would have liked to have been there! :-(

More money and holidays required LOL

enid said...

Thanks for the info, I'll pass it on.

Tina W said...

Aww bless Larry looks chilly but cute in his blanket- Hope Diane can get to some shows in the near future and good luck at Bath.

k9 said...

Poor little Larry, Jazz and Sapphire seid he looks like a very hansom version of a famous film star E.T. (but Larry is better looking than that ) He is a star in his own right lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Agathasmum Louise said...

You can buy 'Jelly Bean' orange dog collars on Ebay, and also the rhinestones you can glue on.