24 May 2011

Well Hello Out Their In Blog World

Well we hope everybody is well, we had a very good County Show with the Whitchurch Dog Display Team. We did the three displays over Saturday and Sunday that went well in-between the showers of rain. When the photos are ready I'll send them to he blog. on the Sunday we were finished for 2pm so after we loaded all the equipment away into the trailer, had another look around the show we made our way back home via  the open gardens that Mum likes to have a look round.  We ambled around, the flowers and shrubs  that were wonderful and in full flower. Even Jazz and Sapphire enjoyed the walk around the gardens.


This is a little hide away that Mum, Jazz and Sapphire found. It was 5:30pm when we got home so we all settled down for our teas and an early night, we were all tired from a very busy weekend. Hopefully this weekend the K9 Marshal Crew are of to Whitchurch for a Grass tracking meeting and cause chaos there, hopefully have some fun! So for now bye bye and take care one and all (Catch you all soon) From The K9 Marshal Crew 

Pit Crew

Thank you Ian what a busy fun weekend for the K9 crew! The open gardens sounded lovely, a peaceful  diversion on the way home from the bustle of the County Show.


enid said...

That sounded like a great weekend.

Tina W said...

I love the hideaway your mum found-