14 June 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Liver Babies In Wales

Millie  chewed the tail completely of one of the bitch pups when she gave birth so we have decided to keep her they are five weeks now . hope you are well. here are some snaps.Take care Kev, Deb and girls





Possible Liver pups due:

Hi Lesley you might here of some liver pups shortly.My liver bitch is due to give birth next wed 22nd,the sire is Billy,s issacc so hopefully you will, although Codey’s parents are both blue  Gaz and Sue

Many thanks to Kevin for the photos, fantastic to see liver babies. Do you think the tail will grow back on the liver girl? I wonder why Millie decided to chew her poor tail.
We will look forward to seeing Codey’s babies, there is a very good chance  for some liver babies in the litter.  



Hello Sue

Hope all goes well next week, give us a call if needed, though not before 10am, not keen on these early mornings now. LOL

The Makems

patricia said...

Chunky monkeys, lovely pups,!

Tina W said...

Did the bitch think the tail was the cord do you think Kevin?

kevin said...

yes tina