20 June 2011

“Blue” Has Been To The Groomers


Poor “Blue” had short back, top, and sides!

Lots of working terrier news and photo from  “Shildon Terrier and Lurcher and the Poacher’s Rest Terrier and Lurcher shows on the blog soon


Flora said...

I've been thinking about shaving my two Bedlingtons like that, too. I don't really want to, but I live in Singapore and a) it's hot and b) no one does a good job on their coats, me included.

Flora from Singapore

patricia said...

I am glad my 2 boys arnt in singapore, they hate it when it gets to 20 degrees!! can you do them all over with a number 5,and just leave their heads and ears in the bedlington style, that what I do. and they look handsome x

Flora said...

Yes I think I'm going to try and shaving them down except for their heads and ears. I guess I should practice doing their heads anyway!

My boys are actually well adjusted to the heat for the most part. We live near the beach so it's not as hot as inland.

billy said...

looks all right to me