13 June 2011

Calling London Bedlington Owners!

I have had a puppy enquiry from someone who lives in Ealing, West London. They think they are interested in obtaining a Bedlington puppy to join their family - they have an 18 month old daughter. However they have never actually met a Bedlington and would like to visit a breeder/owner. I live too far away from them - is there anyone out there in "Blog" land willing to invite this family to meet and chat about our fantastic breed? Thanks, Dorothy


enid said...

Why don't they come to Windsor on Terrier day and they can have a chat with lots of us or they could visit us at the caravan site.

k9 said...

Hi Dorothy
Mom seid if they go to Windsor dog show and find the Dorwest Herbs stand Mom will have a chat with them and point them in the right direction of the Bedlingtons