27 June 2011

Dog News: Police dogs die after car ordeal

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I hope the person responsible loses their job!


Julie said...

Hi, Sunday at Derbyshire County Show they announced that 11 vehicles in the car park contained dogs that had been left unattended and were in distress.
The owners were told to return to their cars immediately or steps would be taken to get the dogs out.
Everyone who claims to love dogs and certainly people who breed and show them should by now be aware of the consequences of leaving dogs in cars on hot days.
These people should not get a 2nd chance there cars should be broken into at once the dogs removed and rehomed and they should never be allowed to show dogs again.

patricia said...

this is something I cannot comprehend, dogs left in cars, never, I dont ever leave my dogs in a car, I just about leave them indoors. this is such terrible cruelty, and from a suposedly intellent person!! ha.