23 June 2011

Dog News:

Crufts-winning mother-and-daughter duo plead guilty to keeping 104 dogs in 'horrific conditions' - but they are STILL able to keep and show the animals

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Could this be a bedlington?

I don’t suppose this is the only show kennel that has to many dogs! it is frightening to think that caged dogs who are forced to live in poor conditions can be turned out to win prizes in the show ring. Thanks to Billy for the link.   

Come on KC you can’t be that desperate for cash not to strike these two off. Some of the dogs look a bit Bedlington to me Billy


john said...

These two should be struck off, it's the dogs that they are being allowed to keep that I know feel sorry for.

patricia said...

Unbelievable, Just looking at them and their property you can tell what sort of people they are, conditional discharge, at a cost of 68,000 what sort of justice is that. poor poor, animals. I bet they had large bank accounts!!