27 June 2011

Gypsy and Merlin Go To The Shows

Well, we went to 3 dog shows this weekend with young Merlin & Gypsy. We really only went to get experience in the ring, since it is too hot here to train outdoors and we don't have any ring craft classes here. But, the youngsters did us all proud with Merlin going BOB & Gypsy going BOS on Friday. Then on Saturday, Gypsy took the BOB and Merlin took the BOS. On Sunday, Merlin stayed home, as he was quite stressed, since this was his first time out. I showed Gypsy to Mr Peter Green, whom I think you all know. He immediately wanted to know if she was from the boy I brought home when he saw me at Burlington National a few years ago. He said that she looked very British styled, of course, that pleased us very much! Even Gypsy reached up and gave him a slurp across the nose!!!!!
I think Billy and I can be VERY proud of the youngsters we got from Sandra & Norman's and my breeding. That will probably be all of our shows now,until the fall. We do not have many shows during the late summer, due to the extreme heat. Our shows will start up again in October. But, this thrill will keep me going until then. Mary Lou & the Bedlington Gang In Florida


Congratulations Mary Lou what a wonderful weekend for the young dogs. It is fantastic to see anglo-american bedlingtons winning in the show ring. It is a shame they have to wait until October for their next outing! Many thanks to Cathy Gilchrist of Orlando, FL. for the photos

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