14 June 2011

Midland Musings From Jane

Trevor and I were very sorry to have missed the Midland Champ Show on Saturday but not the place to be with expectant mums! It sounds like a good day was had by all as usual, it’s always such a friendly show. With only two weeks to go Maya is starting to slow down a bit and takes her walks in an unusually sedate manner, no more bombing down the bank to the canal to bark at the barges lol!


Trevor took this photo the other morning from our front room window, a chap who lives nearby is an ex World Ballooning champion. Having been up in a hot air balloon a couple of times and loved it I wished they’d invited me. The weather has been quite odd in the past few days, Sunday thick jumpers and central heating today windows open and t-shirts. It,s lovely to see all the puppies on the blog as I can’t wait for ours to arrive, then the fun will certainly begin! Till the next time, have fun. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane spring is certainly well and truly here with all the pups being born. We will look forward to your exciting news in a couple of weeks time . It certainly was cold on Sunday we turned on the heating!

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Tina W said...

I think all day at the show in the heat would have been too much for the lady in waiting-glad to hear that she is taking life at a more sedate pace at the moment.
I have never fancied a hot air balloon ride incase it deflated!