10 June 2011

New Judge Raises £100



Just thought I’d let you know that we raised £100 on our sponsored walk (1/2 for the KC Charitable Trust & ½ for Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s fund.) I’ve attached some photos we took on the walk.

Field          A-Third-

Some other interesting news is that I will be doing my first judging appointment in August at Milton Keynes & District Canine Society on the 27th. I’m really looking forward to it. The schedule is available on Fosse Data (http://www.fossedata.co.uk/entry.asp?ref=MILT_AUG_11). Entries close on the 6th of August by post & the 11th online. We are off to the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club show tomorrow, fingers crossed the weather is nice. One last thing; we have got a new pet, she lives in Georges room, her name is Pheonix & she is over a foot and a ½ long. Any ideas as to what she is?Hope to see you soon. Love, Sarah.

Well done Sarah for your sponsored walk, congratulations on your judging appointment it is fantastic to have a young new judges in our breed! We can’t make the Midland Bedlington show so good luck to everyone showing! can anyone take photos of the BOB, BP and Reserve CC winners for the blog? If you can help please leave a note in the comments
I think Pheonix must be some kind of snake hopefully not poisonous!


J&T said...

Well done Sarah and good luck with the judging. It can be a bit scary first time but as long as you feel happy with your placings you can,t go far wrong.
Jane xxx

k9 said...

well done Sarah from the K9 Marshal crew