13 June 2011

News From The Gypcian Team


One week on after breaking her leg we have Betty out in the sun yesterday for a bit fresh air!

Yesterday  was Blanchland Terrier and Lurcher show, not many there only about 12 bedlingtons and only 7 were in the class!

Any Bedlington: 1st Issacc and 4th Miss Olga
Any Veteran   Working Ch Miss Colin 4th
Issacc did not make the the top 2 in the championship which was won by a Lakeland and reserve was a Patterdale  Billy

Thank you Billy lovely to see Betty relaxing in the sunshine and well done to young Issacc.


enid said...

Good to see Betty out and about.

patricia said...

Betty looks much better now. Hey larry and leo caught a rabbit, well, I think they did it might have already been dead. never seen a dead rabbit, so wouldnt really know. lol

Andrea from Neath said...

lovely picture of Betty in the sunshine, I remember sunshine!!!!

Tina W said...

Glad to see Betty getting some rays-just what the doc ordered!

billy said...

better than X Rays