13 June 2011

Photos From Blanchard Terrier And Lurcher Show

issacc 1st

Issacc wins the Bedlington Class

championship issacc

Issacc In The Championship


Miss Olga was 4th in the bedlington class

lakeland champion

The Lakeland wins the championship

miss colin veteran

Ch Miss Colin was 4th in the Veteran class

Well done to the Gypsian Bedlingtons and thank you you Billy for the photos.


Andrea from Neath said...

Well done, lovely pics.

Tina W said...

Well done Billy and gang!


Looks like a canny turn out Billy. I'm up at the Lakes at the week end with the grand bairns but hope to call in at Shildon on the way back.

The Makem

billy said...

am off to "The Poachers Rest show" down Lincon for the weekend..Terrier n Lurcher show and lure racing