13 June 2011

Time For A New Friend



I have been passing a happy few hours, on this truly awful cold wet day yesterday in South Wales, catching up on older blog entries, which I have really enjoyed. I am coming back round to the idea of getting another dog, having got over the loss of Sooty, Boy does seem quite happy (right now he is curled up on the sofa next to me dreaming of chasing after something judging by the twitchy movements!), but I don’t think it is fair for him to be an only dog - and I don’t want him getting too spoilt!

Anyway I thought that your readers might like to see this picture, a few years old now, of dear old Sooty looking very worried as my fathers cat (now deceased thank goodness, she was a menace!) makes herself comfortable behind him on the back of "his" chair! Andrea x

Thank you Andrea I am sure “Boy” will enjoy having a new playmate in the house. I to enjoy looking through old blog photos, I spend a lot of time going through the archives looking for particular photos of people or dogs.


enid said...

Are you looking for a rescue or a puppy? There are 2 of Ecco's three week old bitches in Llandovery. I'm hoping to go and see them on the weekend.

patricia said...

Sooty looks adorable, she must have had a lovely home, good luck with the search. x

Andrea from Neath said...

Thanks Patricia. Enid, I will shortly be actively looking for a rescue dog, do you know, I have never had a pup?! Our family have always ended up with other people's "rejects" (their loss of course). I have a few commitments coming up but after those I will be actively looking for a rescue, possibly a bedlington cross (not that I could ever replace Sooty I know!)