27 June 2011

The Unusual World Of The Bedlington

We spent the day yesterday at the Cotswold Hunt open day. One of the attractions was the working terrier and lurcher show. Saying this there were no bedlington classes but a few bedlingtons in attendance. I enjoyed watching the terrier judging especially the Border Terrier and Lakeland classes. What I did notice (with my untrained eye) that the dogs in the ring resembled in coat, colour and size to those we seen in the KC show ring. Forgetting the trimming the  bedlingtons in attendance were a far cry from the breed standard or what we see today in the show ring.  I just can’t help wondering why our breed is so diverse?. One reason for attending was to take the dogs terrier racing. Unfortunately the starting stalls were to small for Parker and even Asha at just over 15 inches. I  asked the organiser if I could race the dogs without the stalls he told me the racing was for terriers only, not recognising my bedlingtons!  After recently  attending working shows  black bedlingtons of around 14 inches (some KC registered) that can easily go to ground take the prizes at these shows! There seems little difference between the  KC show and working Borders, Lakelands and Welsh Terriers, but the work and show bedingtons are worlds apart!

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David Bruce said...

The Bedlington has suffered more than most at the hands of the all or nothing prolific show breeders hence the fact of two quite different types (perhaps 3) I took a trip over to Blackpool show last week and raised an eyebrow at the quality of Bedlingtons on show.
Can't see things getting much better with the big winners now importing dogs from Scandinavia - Importing a native British breed, says it all really.