27 June 2011

A Water Bedlington !




Issacc  decided a little duck supper would be nice and without any warning launched himself into the water. Issacc who has never been swimming before swam round for a while. Realising ducks are not the easiest of prey came back disappointed and very bedraggled! There are not many bedlingtons who would choose to jump into a lake. Thanks to Billy for the photos!


Andrea from Neath said...

The heat must have got to him! Last week Boy leapt into a local canal after I had "persuaded" my brothers Jack Russell to get in (she had wallowed like a hippo in black sticky mud and needed a wash!)Not sure which of us was the most surprised but he lept out almost as quick!

patricia said...

My doggies hate water, but leo did venture into a foord up to his tummy, amazing!! lovely pics billy

Sarah and Tony said...

Rosie like swimming, we found out during the hot spell in May, She then tried to dry herself on Tony. The boys prefer to paddle, just getting their toes wet, Jasper sat down in one lake, which made us laugh

Debbie said...

Lovely water dog photos!