29 June 2011

We Catch Up With Ian And The K9 Crew

Hello All
sorry we haven't been touch with you all but I have been either at work or taking the K9 Marshal Crew for their daily adventure.  Before you know it the weeks are flying by. We have missed some displays with the team because  my Rota fell on display days and I had to work, humbug! Over the last month  we've had this nice warm weather when I've taken little Jazz and Sapphire for their daily adventures. They have been paddling in the Meres to cool their paws down, which is so funny, for every time little Sapphire pups gets out of the water she gets the wind under her tail  and ends up having a mad 5 minutes racing around like a mad pup and chasing Jazz around and playing!

We are keeping up with our training with the display team on a Monday nights which Jazz and Sapphire enjoy so much. Even Sapphire does the fire walk now with Jazz, at the displays


Here is a picture of Jazz taking a break on his chair and little Sapphire having a breather on the dog walk after going ballistic around the course 4 times.

Sapphire pups111111

so for now its bye bye from me and woof woof of Jazz and Sapphire pups. P.S Jazz and Sapphire reckon this looks like me eating a nice cream cake ha ha ha.                                      

7_4_15       Roll Over

Thank you Ian don’t work to hard and look forward to seeing you and the k9 team at the fun day.

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