15 June 2011

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning Bloggers. Here's Fizz tip toeing through the buttercups on the mountain behind our house. Unlike those in the East, we've had plenty of rain to keep things growing.
I'd like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who helped in the kitchen last Saturday. It makes such a difference when you have such a fantastic team behind you. I did have a bit of a panic when I thought we were going to run out of food!
At the Fun Day, we are going to call the Fun classes "The Big Mo Fun Classes" and Elwyn has agreed to be our judge. Countryman's Weekly is giving us a mention either this week or next so hopefully Billy will let us know when it is in the paper.
I'm looking forward to seeing Ecco's puppies on Saturday. They look so adorable on the photos and this will be Star's one and only litter.
Tim is in hospital with high blood pressure which is why he didn't make it to MBTC Show on the weekend. He had the dogs all ready to go and was very disappointed to let Viv down.
Brian Holland is going into hospital for an operation on Friday so I will take this opportunity of wishing him all the best from all of us on the Blog and hope he makes a speedy recovery. Enid

Thank you Enid, our best wishes go to Brian and Tim,.hope they are both home soon.  I love the photo of Fizz in the buttercups, maybe another BTA calendar entry! What a lovely idea for Elwyn to judge the fun classes  as  big Mo was a real supporter of  the Fun day.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Hope your feeling better soon Tim.

J&T said...

Best wishes to Tim and Brian, hope your both soon back to full health.
Jane xxx

Madeline said...

Great idea to remember Mo with the Fun Races. I can picture her rolling up her trouser legs for some reason (or non-reason!) before going into the ring at her last Fun Day. Hope Tim and Brian are fit soon.

Wish the rain would stop!

Tina W said...

Hope both Tim and Brian are well soon. Lovely pic of Fizz on the mountain!

Polly said...

Hope Tim and Brian are soon better.