28 July 2011

Debbie And Family

I thought I'd send you all a few photos of Lucy and Buster and the love that they get from the kids!" "So if you ever imagined that Scotland could be slightly on the chilly side... here is some evidence for you ! The photos were taken in late December 2010 just before Christmas. Now you will understand why Busters coat was red - so we could see him in the snow!


This photo is of my lovely 3 children taking Lucy (our puppy who is 10 months old now) on a walk together with our Buster (that we sadly have now lost) in the start of a very snowy winter! You can see how much our dogs are loved here by the whole family!


aaaOur Lucy as a small puppy!

Thank you for the photos it looks so cold when they were taken. I bet you are all so excited and can’t wait to collect baby Trevor. Lucy will just love having a young pup to play with and I will certainly look forward to all the photos of them having fun together!


gaznsue said...

Hi Debbie looks like our little (Trev) is going to have a fabulous home with you and your family x


Hello Lucy

Bet you will have fun with your new pup, AKA ??????? We have been to see him and his mates a couple of times and they are all lovely.

The Makems

Tina W said...

Enjoy your new puppy-Personaly I think his name suits him. I hope we don't get any of that horrid white stuff this year!

Debbie said...

We are soo looking forward to adding to our family !!!

patricia said...

Lovely pictures debbie. x