30 July 2011

Hello From The K9 Marshal Crew

Hello All
well its been quiet since the fun day but we've been on a lot of nice walks with the nice weather and we've been trying our hands and paws at something called sketching. This one is of one of our favourite haunts to go walking called Colemere and on Wednesday it was nice and peaceful so here is a photo of the scene and my or should I say ouSketch of colemerer attempt to draw it. P250711_12.13_[01] 

Jazz and Sapphire gave me a helping paw just before they went to dip their paws in the mere to cool them down from all the running around they did with their friends.when we get a bit more time we will send you another report and say what the mad marshal crew have been up to besides giving each other kisses in their beds T.T.F.N Ian


Thank you Ian. Wow there is no end to your talents what a great picture you certainly are a natural artist when it comes to sketching. Maybe you could sketch a drawing of Jazz and Sapphire!


Andrea from Neath said...

Brilliant picture Ian.

patricia said...

Wow thats looks like an old black and white photo and a new colour photo, well done.